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Hard work and great ideas are essential for success yet these do not guarantee that. In fact, these two are small factors to a booming business. Rules give order and organization to a company but it is human connection and the compliance of its workers as well as the comments and support from its consumers that keeps a company afloat and progressive.
To put it bluntly, it is the environment, the energy and the effect an institution has that guarantees its success. Without a doubt, consistency is the key factor that holds all three together.
But how do you keep up with such?
Underdone and it becomes off-putting, overdone and it becomes unnatural. What if I tell you, you could have all that without having to put too much thought into it?
The Vastu Trust
Energy is all around us. Some of us are quite susceptible to it, while others could be very dense. No matter the level of responsiveness, we are all, in a way, beneficiaries of these energies. Highly spiritual individuals such as monks and Feng Shui experts have learned how to harness these but this does not mean that we can’t do the same.
Of course, they have years of practice and dedication to them which is not something that we can imitate in a few months’ time nor would it be practical to do so while working on your company. However, you could draw in the positive energies of the earth by channeling and improving its flow in the workplace.
This science is now as Vastu Shastra. Originating in India thousands of years ago, Vastu has helped draw prosperity and positivity in many an individual’s life in the country. You do not need to be there to take advantage of it, you simply need to create a Vastu Shastra Compliant establishment and you’re all set.
Introducing Vastu to Your Workplace
Now, don’t be surprised but with Vastu, you might not get the typical office image you’ve always thought of. In this day and age, that shouldn’t be much of a problem considering innovative and creative office spaces are in the hype.
Don’t fret. Vastu is actually quite strategic. If you want to get a picture of what a Vastu Compliant workplace looks like, here are a few guidelines to get you started.
• Accounts

For strong financial support, your accounts department should be in north or the east direction. Filing cabinets that store any financial records however, should face the north or southwest.

• Furniture

Those with managerial positions should work on rectangular tables that face the north or east.

• Colors

Pleasant, calming and neutral colors such as blue, white and grey can create a relaxing and positive work environment

• Lighting

To make it even more conducive to an encouraging and exciting atmosphere, the office spaces should be well lit although, natural lighting is preferred.

• Clear Spaces

This is already a given, however, it is unavoidable to mess up especially when things get out of hand or when the bulk of tasks pile up. Don’t let it come to that. The more clutter you have, the lesser chances of things getting any better. Untidy areas tend to block off positive energies.

If you’ve got this down, you’re off to a great start. There is more to Vastu than this though so it would be best to seek out the help of a Vastu Shastra professional. While these general guidelines work for most, the setup may change depending on what type of business you have or on the people in power.
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