1. “Before Pallavi Chhelavda entered my life, I hardly knew anything about vastu shastra or how it impacts our everyday lives. A consultation with her opened my eyes! She made me see the miracles of the mystical science and helped me arrange my life to evade the vastu dosh that had been following me my whole life! Thank you so much, Pallavi, for your guidance and support; I owe my happiness to you!” Liam M.

2. “When we moved to our new house, a lot changed. We suddenly started having more fights and stopped spending quality time with each other. When I mentioned this to a friend, he recommended Pallavi Chhelavda. Although initially skeptical, reaching out to her changed our lives! She was able to determine the vastu dosh at our new place and offered me vastu tips that helped remedy the rift in our lives. Frankly speaking, Pallavi’s expertise saved our marriage!” Nora L.

3. “When I first started my own company, I faced a lot of challenges. That’s when I started watching Pallavi Chhelavda’s vastu shows! Her elaborate talks on how cosmic energies affect our lives and careers helped me understand that it was the negative forces around my business that kept me from succeeding! I called Pallavi immediately afterward and she helped me rearrange my office building to bring in success and growth! Thanks, Pallavi!” Kevin G.

4. “Pallavi Chhelavda’s YouTube videos on vastu living have been a game changer for me and my career! Now, my day doesn’t start without a few insightful words from her! I recommend her to everyone!” Paul N.

5. “For my birthday, my mom got me vastu yantra from Pallavi Chhelavda’s vastu store. It’s easily the best birthday present she has ever gotten for me! It has brought light into my life and has become the source of harmony and peace in my household.” Nate F.

6. “Pallavi Chhelavda is a reliable and trustworthy vastu feng shui consultant. She has expertise in the mystical science and uses it to help everyone around her! I’m grateful for her gift!” Natasha J.

7. “From helping me find love in my married life to boosting my business’s productivity, Pallavi Chhelavda’s vastu shows have been a source of absolute happiness for me! I’m a huge fan!” Ryan R.

8. “I owe my son’s health and happiness to Pallavi Chhelavda and Vastu Fengshui Research Institute. Keep up the great work!” Lilly S.

9. “If it wasn’t for Pallavi Chhelavda’s expert guidance, my husband and I would have parted ways long ago! Thanks to Pallavi our marriage is stable and healthy now!” Tina M.

10.  “I have been following Pallavi Chhelavda’s vastu shows for years now. They are insightful and offer guidance on the topics of love, work and life. Everyone should watch them!” Greta H.

11.  “Pallavi came into our lives as the guiding light we needed! My husband and I have never been happier. We used to fight daily. Now I can’t remember the last time we fought!” – Brenda P.

12.  “I never knew how greatly Vastu Shastra could affect my life! Thank you, Pallavi. You’ve opened my eyes to the beauty and power of Vastu!” – Linda D.

13.  “I watch Vastuliving with Pallavi Chhelavda every single day. I’ve introduced my coworkers to it as well and they love it! It has helped us immensely.” – Tammy F.

14. “My boyfriend and I were facing problems in our relationship and we almost broke up. But thanks to Pallavi, we were able to save our relationship. Pallavi walked us through Vastu Dosh and how it works and we were left amazed!” – Sam M.

15. “Pallavi Chhelavda is an incredible Vastu Feng Shui consultant! She was very sympathetic and listened to all of my problems before giving me advice instead of dismissing my concerns.” – Nikki G.

16. “I’m Chinese and didn’t know how Vastu Shastra was closely related to Feng Shui. This got me interested in the practice and then I found Pallavi Chhelavda. She helped me immensely and I’ve never felt happier!” – Ruolan X.

17. “Pallavi is a gem of a person! She was so kind and compassionate, and really helped us decorate our home accordingly. We’ve never felt happier and our life is surrounded by positive energy!” – Jennifer P.

18. “We spent thousands on furniture. Despite our house looking amazing, we always felt miserable. Pallavi helped us see the light and restored the balance in our lives.” – Taylor

19. “She’s such a bright personality and she’s amazing to work with. Very professional and insightful! “– Sasha F.

20. “I never knew that adding certain furnishings and plants to my life could make me so happy! Thank you, Pallavi!” – Tara S.

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Joshua Da Ingineer
Joshua Da Ingineer
Appreciation they say is an application for more. if i fail to acknowledge you it'll shows how ungrateful i am. I can't... be less grateful to a man who God has used in blessing me and my family in general. I was introduced to MR CHRIS CRYPTO few months back Right now I know how much I can boast off about my financial state.He helped me to manage the little capital I invested with and I made so much profit for myself and my family On Forex Trading. Thank you so much MR CHRIS God Bless You.If you are also finding it difficult trading for yourself contact him now through this Email or WhatsApp (OR) WhatsApp:(+16198164126)read more
Sukhvinder Oberoi
Sukhvinder Oberoi
“Sky is the limit “ Pallavi ji has tremendous knowledge about vaastu. She helped me understand and apply vaastu in... a simple way at home. I am confident that her million dollar advice can help billions of people. She helped my family member win a cancer battle . Her live show during pandemic is a boon for us. We are thankful to you. Please suggest how to organize my garage in NW in your coming episodes. (Sukhvinder and Gurjeet Oberoi)read more
SP Kaur
SP Kaur
Pallavi Ji very knowledgeable and great mentor, she will always guide you with her best suggestions and remedies, she... she is true hope for people in crisisread more
Kirti Chhelavda
Kirti Chhelavda
Watch her live show on every weekend.
Padma Padma
Padma Padma
watch her tv shows or online
Kepal Bhatia
Kepal Bhatia
She is really Very Good and Excellent in her Knowladge in Vaastu .
Nadir Mughal
Nadir Mughal
Hi miss Plz mujy ye bata dy mera 1 pilot hy north facingIs k sewerage line Kha par do Plz replying me
Harinder Bhatti
Harinder Bhatti
I watch her tv show every week. And on YouTube also . She is excellent in her knowledge. I will call her when I have... more
Siraj Bhojani
Siraj Bhojani
My home and business related problems solved because of your knowledge of Vastu Principles. Thanks for your help.
Teressa Brown
Teressa Brown
Our salon looks gorgeous and bright. We’ll be inviting you to the opening any day now. 😀
Priti Beautysalon
Priti Beautysalon
I am so happy we meet palvi but I have no worlds what am say I just really appreciated to her
Sanjay Makwana
Sanjay Makwana
Excellent solution in a all vastu problems.vastulivingwithpallavi
Kiran Budh
Kiran Budh
Cheng William
Cheng William
My wife is a complete fengshui enthusiast. So meeting Pallavi Chhelavda was one of the most exciting things in her... life. I’m glad I contacted Pallavi for a consultation. I swear, my wife’s efforts around home are evidence of her dedication to your teachings. Thanks a lot once more
Vishal N Krupali Kumar
Vishal N Krupali Kumar
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After years of hard work, our family was finally able to afford a new house in the city’s upscale Russian Hill area. The house seemed perfect to us; it was spacious, had a view of Downtown SF, with a two car garage. But soon after we moved in, my husband ran into unprecedented troubles at work. Even at our home, it felt like some appliance or furniture was breaking every week. Our family has always been a firm believer of mystical sciences like yoga and herbalism. So after researching online, we found out about the forces of Vastu Feng Shui and invited Pallavi Chhelavda. Ever since we implemented her advice, our life has slowly been getting back on track.

Felix and Grace Graceffa

San Francisco, USA

I’ve been a contractor for almost thirty years, yet Pallavi Chhelavda has taught me one important thing; as the builder of houses in Surat, it is my responsibility to make sure they have positive Vastu. Otherwise, not only will my customers suffer, but so will I.

Aadijay Omdutt

Surat, India

The biggest challenge of implementing Vastu in modern times is getting rid of bad influence on an existing structure. Kudos to Pallavi Chhelavda for being a leader in innovating solutions to this problem!

Karunan Ciman

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We have been following Pallavi Chhelavda’s guidance for years now and it has never failed us. I have always been a firm believer in the benefits of Vastu but the amount of good fortune we have gained ever since we had a consultation with her has surprised me. I recommend her any time somebody I know needs help

Selena Diaz

Charlotte, USA

We refuse to move from our home now because we don’t want to miss out on the benefits we have been reaping!

Badri Valan

Manama, Bahrain

Although we were a bit skeptical at first, we have to admit it now; Vastu has dramatically improved our life. We are grateful to Pallavi Chhelavda for the guidance that she gave us.

Keiichi and Hinako Matsuda

Seattle, USA

I’m a stock broker and good fortune plays an important role in my line of business. I have been availing Pallavi Chhelavda’s services for many years now to make sure that good Vastu is always on my side. She is the secret to my success.

Oorjit Namratan

London, UK

I was not sure about renovating our entire house to incorporate ‘elements’ that would attract good luck but my wife (She’s Indian) insisted that we contact Pallavi Chhelavda and have a consultation with her. After so many years of seeing the changes, I can say with confidence that Pallavi Chhelavda has won me over; Vastu Feng Shui works and I have been encouraging all of my friends and family to make it a part of their lifestyle.

Nathan Braxton

Perth, Australia

As a real estate investor, I make sure that every single property I own fulfills the requirements to attract good Vastu and I do this by following the simple guidelines provided to me by the Vastu Feng Shui Research Institute. I highly recommend a consultation to anyone who needs help in attracting good fortune.

Hashim Haider

Mumbai, India

When my husband got a transfer to Punducherry, we were all so excited. Our family was looking forward to living in such a beautiful town. However, soon after we moved into our new home my eldest son became extremely ill. I had been watching Pallavi Chhelavda’s show and could identify signs in our new house that created bad Vastu. We had a consultation with her and ever since taking up her suggestions, my son’s health has gradually improved. I would recommend anyone going through similar difficult times to get Pallavi Chhelavda to help them get free of bad Vastu.

Vidia Sartaj

Puducherry, India

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