Vastu Feng Shui Testimonial


Pallavi’s services have helped us through the most stressful moments of our life and we sought help from someone like her. She showed us ways that we could not escape but pursue our hardships into good things and make the best of them! At first, you might feel that you’re at a risk but once you follow Pallavi Chelavda great vastu advice like we did you’ll see your future turn around, in an AMAZING way! Pallavi told us some ways that we could make our future and personal issues better by just doing little changes in our vastu of our house and business that aren’t complicated at all! Overall Pallavi Chelavda has made amazing differences in our life, she is truly nice and genuine to her clients in every way whether it’s a good or bad situation!!! We truly appreciate Pallavi Chelavda’s great guidance in our life!
Dipali Patel

Upon our request for your services you came to our place on May 29,2014. We have seen lots of improvement in business and personal Vastu. Things are going better and improvement is going good gradually. We have been using the remedy you asked us to use. Which has been helpful. At this time we are satisfied with your services as they are. In the future if we think of any improvements to your services we will let you know. And we are looking forward to our 2015 Vastu for personal and business both. Thank You for your help and support.
Dinesh and Manisha Patel

“We are satisfied with Pallavi Chhelavda’s vastu consulting. She has been very professional, and sincere in her services. Through vastu, she has helped each of our members in a very positive manner. Whenever we have questions or need her help, she has given her best expertise to our benefit. We strongly recommend her for Vastu consulting”.
Minaxi and Arvind Khatri
Jersey City, NJ

“Today’s challenge to Vastu experts is to rectify the Vastu defects without physical altering, shifting and dismantling the building structure. Very easy and effective solution to this great problem is just follow. Results are like miracles”.
Ankur Patel

Thanks for your vastu suggestion which has been best to me. I was having problems like our family health problem, regular visits to doctor of every member of my family. Also money did not hold in the hand unwanted expenditure occurs every time also being everything, but there was no peace in the house, now everything is ok .Thanks again.
Navin Patel

We were going through rough times financially and trying our level best but one day we happened to watch Pallavi Chhelavda’s Vastu show. We approached Pallaviji she was very polite and seemed quite helpful so we decided to get consultation from her, for one time reasonable fee. Pallaviji came personally to both our house and business and is always available to answer our questions without charging us anymore .Without making any major construction changes and not investing much money she helped us achieve remarkable results in business and helped regain our confidence and now after a year we do see results.
New York

” I admit that after Vastu our life has improved dramatically, thanks for your continued support. ” Thanks,
Dipal Shah

” We took Vastu Feng Shui services from Pallavi and feel that she has great knowledge on the subject, she is helpful and creative and she is hard working and reliable. Even though our house is still in the initial stages, so we don’t know the results but right now we are very comfortable with her suggestions and feel confident that it will work best of us. Wish you all the best Pallavi and Thank You.”Service Category: Vastu Feng Shui consultation, Year first hired: 2012, Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
Navneet Dutta

One day in the end of October a man walked into the office looking for a house … The agent on duty could clearly see the man may have been homeless with his tennis shoes all scuffed up and his jeans were covered in dirt and they were 3 sizes to big so he used his belt to overlap the oversized jeans and wore three coats because of the weather and carrying a gym bag that had begun to fall apart so he taped both sides of the bag with electrical tap to hold it together to keep his clothes from falling out. And the man was about 65 years old dark skin and small and weak asked the real estate agent if he could help him buy a house …and the agent at the time sat him down and began talk to him about buying a house and that he would need money to purchase .

He didn’t want to spend more than twenty five thousand for a house and he did indicate he live in a shelter . so the agent printed out a list of houses for that amount and sent him on his way and the next day the man shows back here to the office looking for realtor and as soon as I walked in the office I saw him seating in the lobby and noticed the clothes and bag and began to wonder who was he waiting for …and I asked the receptionist if everything was okay and nodded as everything was and so I proceeded to walk back to my office and work. So thirty minutes pass and went back down to front desk and he was still sitting there.

And I glance at him an then back at the receptionist of trying to understand who he was and why is he still sitting there and again the receptionist nods her head and as everything was fine and I head back up to my desk . Ten minutes go by and I get the call to come to the front of the office to help the man that had been sitting there and because he just walked in without the appointment with the other agent and the other agent was with other customers .

I take the man into my conference where he is holding this old gym bag and he sits down and shows the printout of a house listed for thirty thousand dollars … and grab the piece of paper from him and begin to look at the information of the house and location ….and I looked at him and told him he would need money to purchase the house or proof of funds and the man looked at me and said that the other agent told him the same thing and proceeded to reach in one of his coat pockets and pulled out a envelope and handed it to me …and I could see the logo of the bank across the street on the front and proceed to open the envelope and look at the statement … the statement said that he had 85,000 dollars in his savings account …and I looked at him and begin smile with a grinned …and so we got my car and went to the house and he walked inside and looked at it and he loved it and said that was the house he wanted so we made the offer and to make a long story very short or unless you want hear the further details we did a short sale and closed the deal faster than any other deal that I had out there in record speed and I got him in the house by Christmas to spend his first Christmas in his own house and not the shelter .
Josheph Barnes

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