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Welcome to “Vastu living with Pallavi Chhelavda”

Let us help you build a better tomorrow. Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui is a form of science. It’s an art of balancing natural energy which is already present around you and every day affecting your life, business, relations, and career. You can tune into our show ”Vastu Living with Pallavi Chhelavda ” on TV Asia aired on every Sunday 11 AM EST to get a deeper idea on subject or subscribe to our YouTube link – Click here
Vastu Fengshui Research Institute was established in 1989 by World-renowned and gold medalist Vastu Fengshui consultant  Ms. Pallavi Chhelavda along with her team. As a renowned Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui consultant team, we have clients from countries like United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, Trinidad, United States and US Virgin Islands, taking advantage of our Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui services in making better and brighter tomorrow.

Vastu Shastra is an energy-related subject. It gives good harmony, peace, and success in several areas including Vastu for Home & business.

As a Vastu Shastra project consultant, I will need some information from you before getting started. There is a one-time consultation fee.

  • Birth Date of all Family members – So, I can decide which directions are beneficial for you, which helps in the selection of house facing.
  • The bedroom, kitchen and other interiors of your house will be suggested according to your favorable direction.
  • If you are planning to buy a pre construct a new house, you can email the drawing, but if you are constructing from the beginning, we provide assistance in selecting the plot, to get the required result.
  • After selecting the plot, depending on your requirements we will suggest interior, as well as outer elevation, according to Vastu. Shastra and Feng Shui.

Types Of Services

We provide services for residential as well as commercial properties.

For residential property, we provide consultation for building the house from scratch, as well for existing construction. Whether you live in apartment, house, townhouse or Villa, whether you own or rent your dwelling, it’s your house, as long as you live in it, it’s going to affect you and our efforts are to make that affect positive not only for you but for all the members of family living with you.

In over 26 years of experience, we have helped businesses such as hotels, motels, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, salons as well as warehouses. We understand that you put all your efforts, all your investments with the hope of having good returns, strong business, and a bright future. Let us make the path for you, and we will help your journey to be smoother, faster results and help to make your dreams become reality.

Methods of consultation

Personal Visits
In personal visits, our consultant comes to your location with our most renowned equipment to take the reading and give you a full consultation and professional help.

In online consultation, we connect with you from Skype, Face time or any other live webcam stream. Our consultant will prepare your customized report designed especially for you and your family members.

To perform consultation for your house, you will need to provide us the year of the house built, and the birthdays of the members living in the house.

Please follow below-given Instruction:

  • Email me a floor plan and a picture of your house.
  • Using the compass, take measurements of your house by following instructions that we will provide you through email.
  • Email your measurements (in degree) to us.
  • We will email your consultation advice back to you.


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